Ayurvedic Detox

ayurvedic detox with juices and fresh foods

One of the main processes of healing the system in Ayurveda is cleansing. The increase of water and air pollutants, food contamination, pesticides and chemicals in our environment all play their part in depleting and damaging our systems. Spare just 10 days in the peaceful, healing, restorative surroundings of nature and enjoy a wholesome, spiritual cleanse with an ayurvedic detox retreat.
Many years ago, when medical professionals prescribed a detox, it meant the patient needed to get clean from drugs or alcohol. Today, detoxing has become a popular trend that can mean just about anything. There are many diets and cleanses that claim to detox your body, help you lose weight, clear up your skin, give you increased energy, and more. But, many of these so-called detoxes lack scientific proof, and some are downright unhealthy.

That said, we are exposed to toxins in our environment now more than ever before, so there may be times when your body needs a little extra support. If you are interested in effective ways to detox in a safe manner, that helps you feel your best and keep your body functioning optimally you ahe come to the right place. Eating whole foods, eliminating refined sugar, supporting your body with high-quality supplements, getting enough sunlight, and taking care of your inner self are some of the best ways to keep your body, mind, and spirit truly flourishing.

Clean air and pure water are no longer the norm, and living in a modern world of manmade chemicals, toxins and pollutants, our environment has changed faster than we can evolve with it. Environmental toxins have become a major health threat. These toxins, lodged in cells, tissues and organs are linked with many of today's chronic diseases, such as ADHA, Alzheimers, asthma, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease, Parkinson's, thyroid disease… Which is why purging your body of pollutants is more important today than ever.

Ayurveda is the healing system that has been used in India for over 5,000 years. It is known as the 'mother of all cures' from which have emerged many systems of health care.

The basic principle of Ayurveda is that each person has an individual mind-body constitution, known as Prakruti, which arises from the combination of their unique mix of bio-markers, or doshas. Each individual is unique and needs to follow dietary routines, physical exercises (yoga), detoxification and rejuvenation treatments that are specific to their body and lifestyle for exceptional wellbeing. At Nirvana Detox Retreats, we highly respect your unique individuality.

Detoxification is a natural body process that is compromised when the mind-body system becomes overloaded. Cleansing is not about magic pills, sitting on the toilet for days or starving yourself. Medicine, elimination and diet must work together with education to safely eliminate the toxins we all have stored in our body’s tissues and memories. To be effective and sustainable, detoxification according to Ayurveda needs to address your unique mind-body type (prakruti) and your imbalances (vikruti).

Nirvana Detox Retreats are highly specialised, customised, and tailored in-house, according to your current state of health and constitution, to enable you achieve the most benefits from the program. It is the starting point to pro-actively manage and improve your health and wellness. Personal attention is given to each participant's specific needs. Ayurveda at Nirvana Wellness Sanctuary is practised in both its original form, together with contemporary practices and treatments that have been highly successful with both minor and chronic ailments.

The purification of the five elements within the human system – earth, water, fire, air and space - stabilises body and mind and is particularly beneficial for those suffering from physical ailments, a weak constitution, psychological instabilities, disturbed sleep and a constant sense of doubt and fear. If these limiting forces can be dispelled from the mind, one can live life to one's full potential. It is also supportive for the fulfilment of one's ambitions.

To make wise choices in life, you need to get in touch with your essence. This is best achieved during your moments of stillness, silence and solitude, which most people are afraid of. However, in silence we grow, in stillness we heal. Your soul is nourished through authenticity. In the silence you hear the voice of Truth and know your solutions. The answer lies within you, always, and your heart will show you the way.

Upon confirmed booking, you will receive Pre-detox suggestions. Upon arrival, you will receive During detox guidelines, During your stay, you will have an Ayurvedic consultation, and a shorter follow up feedback consultation, so that before leaving, you will receive Post detox recommendations. Your post detox longevity program, known as rasayana, will recommend herbal longevity tonics and supplies to be taken home to continue to build strong, healthy tissue.


  • Connections between you and nature, your constitution at birth (prakruti), current state of health (vikruti), the three keys to mastering health for you (doshas), and about a disturbance in the force (ama) and detect physical body ama on your tongue and how it impacts your health.
  • Overview of the science of life and longevity, and how the mind-body medicine of Ayurveda can heal disease, alleviate stress and manage addictions.
  • Learn about what Ojas is, and its role in perfect health and how to create health and harmony with healthy choices pertaining to eating, nourishment and lifestyle appropriate to you, so that you feel energised, ready to go, and to keep going.
  • Fun and food and perfect digestion. Embark upon a journey to cook delicious, healthy, nourishing meals.
  • Live, Laugh, Love and Last a Lifetime - long term strategies and self-care for healthier mind-body management.
  • Participate in the detox of different tissues in the body, such as liver, gallbladder, bowels, kidneys, lungs, heart and mind, skin though the delicious and satisfying food you eat, herbal medicine teas and Ayurvedic medicines (not so pleasant tasting).
  • Be well-informed on what your body may need in relation to supplements and herbs etc. to support your health and wellness.
  • Revitalise your life. Discover the connection between energy and happiness.
  • Emotional enlightenment. Simple practices for stress release, emotional flow and deep peace.