Ayurvedic Wellbeing Retreats

Nirvana Welbeing Retreat home for ayurvedic retreats at Beechmont QLD

Treat yourself to a stay at Nirvana Nirvana Wellbeing Retreat - a hidden gem in Gold Coast Hinterlands, and discover ancient wellbeing solutions that have the power to restore your health. Find yourself amidst all that is serene and spiritual.

Nirvana Wellbeing Retreat is a Gold Coast yoga, Ayurveda and meditation retreat, the home for accessible mind-body solutions curated to boost an individual’s capacity to restore your physical and mental health. Nirvana Wellbeing Retreat offers four main types of retreats:

Mindfulness Meditation & Healing Retreats

Mindfulness meditation and healing retreats at Nirvana are silent meditation retreats. With the turmoil going on all around us, many of us find our minds brimming with greater uncertainty, stress, and anxiety. Meditation can help you relax with your life.

Ayurvedic Cooking Retreats

Nirvana's Ayurvedic cooking retreats open you to the secrets from the ayurvedic kitchen. Learn how to cook sumptuous plant-based meals for aspiring vegans and vegetarians based on Ayurvedic principles. You will benefit from hands on learning as well as Ayurvedic Dietary Health Education. "Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food." (Hippocrates)

Nirvana Detox Retreats

Nirvana's detox retreats typically run over 10 days. They are a key to truly exceptional wellbeing. Many of our organs expel unwanted substances from the body. However, when the amount of toxic substances in our body has overwhelmed its capacity, it is time to detox. Find out more about Ayurvedic Detox here.

Time-Out, Yoga and Renewal Retreats

Nirvana also offers time-out, yoga and renewal retreats. This is your opportunity to restore and rebalance in nature. Imagine a day where the only thing in your calendar is caring for your body, mind, and spirit. Immerse in gentle healing yoga, relaxation and breathing, or ayurvedic treatments.

To find out more about Nirvana's Ayurvedic Retreats, or to book online, please visit nirvanawellbeingretreat.com.au