Mindful Abundance


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Navigating the chaos in a crazy world
with Powerful Cosmic Principles and Practices
to break free from the matrix of illusion and to
rewire optimistic thinking to create your own world of
abundant health, wealth, and wisdom


The old paradigm, civilised world is unsustainable, built as it is, on a foundation that is out of balance with nature and her laws.

We see it collapsing around us every day, as humanity is swept from one catastrophe to the next, at the expense of its liberty to the powers that be, which operate behind the scenes. This world has become totally unplugged from the flow of life’s vital energies,as have her people, who live lives of sickness, alienation, despair, fear, and anxiety.

In the chaos of life, it seems increasingly challenging to find bal- ance when everything around us is in upheaval. As a result, our im- mune systems weaken and we become more vulnerable to illness and disease. Clearly, we need to change course if we wish to live a vibrant, healthy, and balanced life.

This course covers how things got to be so messed up, and more importantly, how humanity can navigate the chaos and create a better world for themselves. This means embarking on the path of personal and spiritual growth: it is a process of work and com- mitment that takes place over time, and becomes our new way of living. What may seem like a huge topic can actually be reduced to three basic steps.

1. Learn the truth about the real world
Learn the truth about the real world, and how our world really works, as opposed to the brainwashing we receive from the entireold paradigm mainstream system, most significantly the mainstream media and governments, the powers that be, that own everything, including the largest international banks, educational institutions, and multi-national corporations, and who operate entirely in secret. They have used their immense power to create a vast world of illu- sion that holds humanity under its sway and strips it of its freedom and its spirit. If you’re not aware of this illusion, you’re probably

stuck in it. Yet, the true value of your humanity, rather than a mind- controlled robot, is your uniqueness, individuality and your capac- ity to experience wonder, mystery, and inspiration.

We need inspiration right now. It’s the antidote to fear. And we need to wonder about the bigger picture, your connection to your higher self, and all the courage and humanity to be found within that. We need to wonder what we truly are, without all the dense commentary and negative social thought loops keeping us bound to the stupidity inherent in pop culture and group think.

2. Break free from the matrix of illusion

Break free from the matrix of illusion, which is a prison for your mind and spirit, and begin to create a world of your own making, one that is the way you want it to be, not somebody else, a world that makes sense, a world where you reassume complete responsibility for your own life, a world that is sustainable, which means in harmony with Mother Earth and the forces of nature.

3. Reconnect with your indigenous spirituality

Reconnect with your indigenous spirituality, which will then be your primary tool in transforming yourself and creating your new world. Similar to all indigenous people spanning the globe, our indigenous spirituality is derived from our intimate relationship with nature and all of her forces. Nature is our greatest teacher and healer, and here is where we derive the power to fulfil our potential as multi-dimensional spiritual beings, with the power to change the world.

The Emotion of Money

Our overall mental health and wellbeing are affected by various degrees of stress and pain, hardships brought about by insufficiency and imbalance, and an inability to adequately manage money.

Money is much more than simply a medium of exchange in our

lives: it is the source of many of our emotions and, a major con- tributor to stress. It plays such a controlling role in our lives that we are prepared to do things for money that require us to give up other things we value, such as time with our family and friends, and our wellbeing. We also link our sense of self-worth and level of happiness with money, often in ways that stop us from livingfulfilled, joyful lives.

In Australia, research has found that money-related stress is a significant contributor to mental health and wellbeing issues. Yet very few people actually take steps to address the difficult mental health issues that arise around money. This is because our money relation- ship is complex and most of us haven’t been taught the skills to create a more beneficial relationship with money.

Limiting Beliefs Around Money

Much of our thoughts, emotions and behaviours around money are driven by our subconscious beliefs. This means that we are not normally consciously aware of why we think or feel a particular way about money-related situations. These subconscious beliefs are often limiting or negative in nature, yet we habitually react to them, creating actions around money that are often not beneficial for us or our families in the long run. Some examples of our limit- ing beliefs around money include:

  • Money is the root of all evil…
  • Rich people are snobs…
  • Money doesn’t buy happiness, etc.

With these or similar core beliefs, our behaviour and the actions we take, often reinforce our limiting beliefs, so we are then caught in a negative cycle of behaviour. To compound the issue, we also judge or criticise ourselves and each other for these actions, thoughts, and emotions.

But do these beliefs serve you?

Money prayers are not for the lazy. Prayer is not an opportunity to ask a divine source to do the things you have been equipped to do. To pray for money, thinking it will drop down from the sky is a misconception. It won’t. If you are equipped with a fishing rod, you have the means to fish on your own. You have a brain, and a body, so you can work, rest, play and pray. Go do some work, or a business to earn money and then ask for divine intervention to bless your work and business. Fill your mind with gratitude for the abundance in your life.

Mindfulness and Money

Mindfulness allows us to become more aware of our thoughts, emo- tions and actions. From this place of awareness, you can choose to mindfully respond to money situations in line with your life’s val- ues and financial goals, instead of your normal, habitual patterns. In addition, mindfulness allows us to more fully understand our behaviour around money and the associated limiting beliefs driv- ing them. To put it simply, money isn’t evil. Having a lot of money doesn’t make you a bad person. Money is a tool. It is neither bad nor good. Money is a medium of exchange. Energy is the real currency.

Money amplifies who we truly are. As many other human beings, you will use it to take care of yourself, help your loved ones and to lift up those in need. On the other hand, chances are, you will find ways to hurt yourself, others, and the planet.

Money is a small cog in the wheel of abundance. If you are ready to move on from a cognitive reality of scarcity, you will find real wealth in living with the joy of abundance.

You can use mindfulness to:

  • Redefine how you see wealth, and the existing areas of abundance in your life.
  • Examine your thoughts and emotions to decrease stress, anxiety and a sense of being overwhelmed about money and money-related decisions.
  • Develop a welcoming relationship with your emotions, so that you can respond in a wise way rather than reacting
  • Help develop beliefs around money that benefit you.
  • Develop financial goals aligned with your values from a grounded and present place, irather than from fear and anxiety.
  • Understand the impact that your earnings, spending, and savings have on your ability to create and maintain wealth.
  • Implement mindful spending habits that are aligned with what is important, and what you need, instead of using money for emotionally driven wants.
  • Create tools, systems and habits to bring more ease, joy, and abundance into your relationship with money.

Mindfulness-based abundance coaching

The mindful application of the various practices from the wisdom teaching of the East, enables us to gain an understanding of how and why we behave the way we do around money.The Vedas, which are the oldest books of wisdom in the world, outline four goals in life. This approach is extremely liberating and healthy. These goals for a healthy, happy living are purpose (dhar- ma), abundance (artha), pleasure (kama), and freedom (moksha).This course explores more of the ‘why’ rather than the ‘how’ and ‘what’, allowing you to reflect on your life and how you want to run it. It presents the knowledge and practical tool kit to create the shift and confidently tackle many abundance matters that have been in the too hard basket, and the bigger picture around abundance. You will also encounter the tools to mindfully assist you emotionally and mentally to have more ease around abundance.

This course will help you to use mindfulness to become aware of and develop a new relationship with your thoughts and emotions around money and abundance. This will allow you to more effec- tively manage stress and anxiety over money-related issues and decisions. You will learn to identify any limiting money-related beliefs and how they impact you. You will emerge stronger to de- termine your financial goals, monitor your spending habits, and develop and maintain a positive relationship with abundance.

Why I am qualified to teach you

I am an author and spiritual teacher. In recent times, my work has dealt with creating a new world from the ashes of the old, in times of paradigm shift, according to the wisdom traditions of a bygone people who lived sustainably and in harmony with nature

Born and educated in India, I emigrated to Melbourne, Australia in 1972, then moved to the Gold Coast in 1994. In July 2019, in a huge leap of faith, I moved to the hinterland mountains of the Scenic Rim, in Beechmont, Queensland where I now live, partially off grid, with spring water, a septic tank and solar power. I’m learn- ing to live sustainably and in harmony with nature; preparing, both practically and spiritually, for the monumental paradigm shifts that are yet to come. We, humanity, can reassume our responsibility as caretakers of Mother Earth and play our part in creating a vibrant, healthy, balanced and abundant life in a new world.

I have been practising mindfulness for over 50 years, and during that time, have run mindfulness-based courses for individuals, groups, and corporations. The information provided in this course is generally deep and does not take into account your specific fi- nancial circumstances. I am not a financial adviser and this course delves well beyond financial advice.



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