Ayurvedic Kapha Tea, 50g


Kapha Tea

Name of product: Kapha Tea
Nature of product: Powder
Actions: is a stimulating and invigorating vegan spice and herbal blend designed to address the qualities of Kapha Dosha. Rich aroma and spiced flavours support your overall wellbeing. With its Ayurvedic formula and carefully selected organic herbs and spices, this caffeine-free Kaphic Tea will help stimulate your metabolism, improve your digestion and help digest and eliminate toxins.
– Add a pinch (or more – to taste) of Kapha Tea to any hot brewing beverage such as tea, herbal tea, coffee, cocoa, milk or non-dairy substitute. Bring to the boil, and remove from heat. Enjoy.
– Sprinkle on all meals… soups, on your favourite cereal, eggs, main meals or in a smoothie.
– Mix 1/2 tsp of Kapha Tea with I tsp of raw honey, and consume. Chase with a cup of hot water.
Weight: 50 gm

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